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Tuesday, 11/09/07

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Holiday Competition Launched

Posted by oodlum (FF Host) at 2:32PM, 11/Sep/07.
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It's time for the official launch of the FlingFinder $5000 overseas holiday competition! The prize package is for two people and includes airfares, accommodation and spending money.

The winner will be drawn and announced on June 30, 2008.


As it's hard to finalise package deals so far in advance, the holidays below are examples only. The winner can choose his or her own package from those available after the draw.


• the spending money can't be more than half the total prize value (i.e. $2500)

• you must have logged in within the previous 30 days to be eligible

• the destination must be international

• the winner agrees to blog about their holiday, and include photos

• only Australian residents are eligible

Las Vegas & Hawaii

Set your soul on fire in Las Vegas! Fly with Hawaiian Airlines to Las Vegas, stay 4 nights including car hire & Bonus Upgrade from Group B to C, PLUS a 2 night stopover in Hawaii!

Approximate spending money - $200


Discover Disneyland with United Airlines on this great value break to Anaheim! Includes a 2 Day Anaheim Resort Transit Pass & a 2 day Disneyland Park Hopper ticket!

Approximate spending money - $600

San Francisco

Discover San Francisco with this 4 night package flying United Airlines- one of the USA's most attractive cities!

Approximate spending money - $600

Los Angeles

Make the most of Los Angeles! See Hollywoods most famous landmarks including Graumans Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Sign and more!

Approximate spending money - $600

Singapore & Thailand

Example package: 2 nights in the sleek and modern Singapore, with exotic beaches, caves, waterfalls, and the ultimate relaxation. The next stop will be Phuket, where you stay 2 nights at the hotel of your choice.

Approximate spending money - $2000

Thailand - Krabi Escape

Krabi offers one of Thailand's most beautiful coast line, unusual limestone formations which cast extraordinary silhouettes, reaching far out into the Andaman Sea..

Central Krabi Bay Resort, is situated in its own private bay, fronted by a beautiful white sand beach, and backed by verdant limestone cliffs.

Approximate spending money - $1000

Philippines - Boracay Island

Hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, this tiny island is blessed with stunning beaches, perfect waters and a rich nightlife.

Stay at the Fridays Boracay Resort, perfectly positioned on Boracay's eye-catching White Beach, nestled amid meticulously groomed tropical gardens and shady coconut trees.

Approximate spending money - $1000

Hong Kong - Langham Place Hotel

As a true five-star luxury Spa hotel in Hong Kong, Langham Place Hotel Hong Kong is home to Chuan Spa which is the top three floors of the Hotel and introducing one of the first luxury Spas to specialize in traditional Chinese medicine while offering all the international treatments and massage you have come to expect.

Approximate spending money - $800

To qualify for the draw:

1. Be a FlingFinder member
2. Add a public photo to your profile
3. Have at least 100 words in the "About Me" section of your profile
4. At least 50 words in the "My Kind of Partner" section
5. Verify your profile (see your profile page for details)

So what's your ideal overseas destination? I'd love to hear your comments.




Members' Recent Comments

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View PicanteRob's profile

Hey ood, How do we enter for this? Must be missing something *shrugs*
Pencil me in for South East Aisa mate ;) Love to check that out.

Blackburn, 3130, VIC -- Comments: 2

arrowPosted 5:47PM, 12/Sep/07
View fox36's profile

Hey Mr OOD, I am very excited about this competition!!I am pretty sure i qualify, as i am a member, have the correct word count, and can verify my profile..I would take the Thailand/Krabi holiday if I won, and would love to do the blog and take pics.I love Thailand, it is my ideal holiday destination, the beach, good food, a book, sun and swimming, perhaps even a little romance xxx

Mosman Park, 6012, WA -- Blog entries: 9 -- Comments: 19

arrowPosted 7:01PM, 12/Sep/07
View AngelicAngel's profile

Oodlum im not fussy anyone of them would be gr8 after all it is a prize.
And with the right company a holiday anywhere is gr8....

Ipswich Area, QLD -- Blog entries: 2 -- Comments: 7

arrowPosted 12:48AM, 16/Sep/07
View mercedes76's profile

TIBET but dad says I cant go.......Oddly :(

Widgee, 4570, QLD -- Comments: 275

arrowPosted 4:32PM, 16/Sep/07
View liss's profile

If I win I think I would give the trip to my parents as they desereved it. It would be nice for them to get away & enjoy them selfs. I would spend money on my disable sister

Curtin, 2605, ACT -- Comments: 1

arrowPosted 6:44PM, 7/Oct/07
View fox36's profile

eeeewwww...I got my fingers and toes crossed for this!!
yep i am visualising a white sandy beach, a cocktail, a tan and a new bikini with a good book...and thennnn
sigh, ah well good luck all
sawasdee ka
fox 36

Mosman Park, 6012, WA -- Blog entries: 9 -- Comments: 19

arrowPosted 12:12AM, 12/Oct/07
View mercedes76's profile

well.................i have a disabled partner (oh ok maybe he is sometimes simply disabling...snigger), and my ma is dyin'(to see us) and my son is blind (colour) and he doesn't listen (hmmm not sure which of the boys I'm referring to) and Oh shit come on ODD just give it to me isn't this place rigged anyway so like since I'm so damn HOT (shit look seriously Smiley is too young to fly...fullstop) ummmmm have I been too PC already.......look I'll fire you if I don't win...can I do that yet? I think I have arthritus, even worked for the buggas and I don't know how to write that....shit who cares I just had made for me a waffle ice-cream with freezing chocolate....now what was I going on about....mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm

Widgee, 4570, QLD -- Comments: 275

arrowPosted 10:37PM, 13/Feb/08
View fox36's profile

AND THEN>>>>>>????????when is the comp going to be announced??

Mosman Park, 6012, WA -- Blog entries: 9 -- Comments: 19

arrowPosted 12:12AM, 15/Mar/08
View oodlum (FF Host)'s profile

oodlum (FF Host)
AND THEN??? LOL. Soon foxy. Think "anniversary" ;) btw didn't you just have a holiday?

Brisbania, QLD -- Blog entries: 47 -- Comments: 329

arrowPosted 2:39PM, 17/Mar/08
View hotbrizyguy's profile

Hmmm I need a holiday badly who wants to team up to go on the holiday if i win and vice versa :) got a double chance then lol

Eagleby, 4207, QLD -- Blog entries: 4 -- Comments: 7

arrowPosted 8:36PM, 10/Jun/08
View CHOOK's profile

If i was to win Ood, i'd take my eldest sister to disneyland...when i was 3 yrs old she promised me if she won lotto she'd take me there-8 kids (between the two of us) later, and not only has she neva won lotto, but she's neva made it out of Aust, so it would be a lovely way to thank her for all the support and love she's given me for the past 33 yrs, and now extends to my 4 kids...

Benalla, 3672, VIC -- Blog entries: 8 -- Comments: 64

arrowPosted 3:41PM, 30/Jun/08
View hototrot's profile

Private profile. Register to read this comment.

Marmong Point, 2284, NSW -- Blog entries: 11 -- Comments: 505

arrowPosted 11:18PM, 6/Mar/10
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