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Tuesday, 3/07/07

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Photo contest scoring explained

Posted by oodlum (FF Host) at 5:39PM, 3/Jul/07.
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There are a few possible ways to rank a contest. I've tried to work out a formula that accurately determines the most popular photographs.

Methods that don't work:

The highest average score - doesn't work. A single vote of "10" shouldn't beat 100 votes of "9".

The highest total score - doesn't work. I don't think 500 votes of "5" (total: 2500) should beat 200 votes of "10" (total: 2000).


The current formula to determine winners is:

(Average Score) x (Total Score)


... so 750 votes of "7" will beat 1000 votes of "5" etc.

This formula is just a starting point, open to refinement once we have more contestants and votes.

If you're new here, you might like to read my first post - "Welcome! Who? How? Why?" - to learn more about FlingFinder and why I created it.


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nux (FF Host)
The only problem i see with that formula is that if a couple of people have a problem with someone, they can go and cast a vote of 1, which would bring the average down - especially if there's a few people casting those 1's. Maybe something like an exponential average, or a weighted average of some sort. If its then a tie, you could do a bit more of a countback, until you get a result.
Just a thought :)

Byron Bay, 2481, NSW -- Blog entries: 117 -- Comments: 1500

arrowPosted 11:45PM, 16/Jun/08
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Melbourne, 3000, VIC -- Blog entries: 36 -- Comments: 77

arrowPosted 2:57PM, 18/Jan/13
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