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Sunshine & Rainbows

by SuzyQ
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(and maybe the odd rant)

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Friday, 21/02/14


Winter is Coming (sounds ominous huh?)

This morning I woke at 6am and was greeted by a house in darkness. An overcast sky contributed to this but the interminable march of the seasons was the primary reason. I did have the thought "winter is coming" and it struck me that now I associate that phrase with George R R Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire, which many people would know as Game of Thrones.

In turn, that got me... full post

arrowPosted 21/Feb/14 at 6:50AM ~ View Post & (43) Comments

Friday, 22/11/13


Expectatio (leave them at the door)

Expectations. Those shifty little buggers will trip you up every time. I'm of the mind that if you go into a situation without any you'll be happier in the long run.

The moment we decide something should be a particular way we are just setting ourselves up for failure. On the other hand if a new situation is approached with no preconceptions then it allows room for experience.

Thoughts?... full post

arrowPosted 22/Nov/13 at 9:44PM ~ View Post & (10) Comments

Wednesday, 13/11/13


The Travel Bug (it bites differentl for some)

Recently while away in Fiji I had day with no plans so I decided to go on an adventure. This involved taking a local bus (roughly an hour trip each way) to the nearby town of Sigatoka to peruse the stores and check out the local market.

When I mentioned this, I was told by a friend not to bother, just stay in my resort. I was astounded by that attitude. Yes, it was a small town and yes, there wasn't... full post

arrowPosted 13/Nov/13 at 6:36AM ~ View Post & (5) Comments

Friday, 1/11/13


Heading Overseas (when does it hit you?)

Tomorrow I'll be on a plane heading off for a week of relaxation. Over the last couple of weeks people have been asking me if I'm excited. The answer is "Yes but not overly so just yet".

For me, the excitement of travel really kicks in when I've got my boarding pass, my departure card and my passport in my hands as I head through immigration. Suddenly it all become more real... full post

arrowPosted 1/Nov/13 at 5:46AM ~ View Post & (5) Comments

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