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03 Jul, 07 - 2 Comments.

There are a few possible ways to rank a contest. I've tried to work out a formula that accurately determines the most popular photographs.

Methods that don't work:

The highest average score - doesn't work. A single vote of "10" shouldn't beat 100 votes of "9".

The highest total score - doesn't work. I don't think 500 votes of "5" (total: 2500) should beat 200 votes of "10" (total: 2000).


The current formula to determine winners is:

(Average Score) x (Total Score)


... so 750 votes of "7" will beat 1000 votes of "5" etc.

This formula is just a starting point, open to refinement once we have more contestants and votes.

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  • nux (FF Host) - 16 Jun, 08
    Byron Bay, NSW, AU

    The only problem i see with that formula is that if a couple of people have a problem with someone, they can go and cast a vote of 1, which would bring the average down - especially if there's a few people casting those 1's. Maybe something like an exponential average, or a weighted average of some sort. If its then a tie, you could do a bit more of a countback, until you get a result.
    Just a thought :)


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  • (Private Profile) - 18 Jan, 13

    Another option (which is how movie review sites do their rankings) would be to base it on the average votes, but require a minimum number of votes. So for example, require the winner to have at least 500 votes to be considered. This does disadvantage those that submit their photos late in the month though. Average # votes per day, with a cutoff of at least 5 days?


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