The Lesson - Part One

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It happened one night after she had arrived late home from work. Her mind was buzzing...

She turned on the computer to see if HE was online... She had been talking with him for a couple of weeks and was badly in need of the release he gave her. Although she was not usually into chat rooms or 'erotic' chat, this man had dragged something up inside her... He was not pushy at all - it had taken time for them to really speak of anything to do with sex. He was, however, totally in control of her. It had happened over time and without her realizing it. The way he spoke and the commanding nature of his requests had taken over. She had never felt as totally submissive as she did when she was being told how he wanted her - and told that she must ask if she wanted it. At first she was too shy to be pulled into it but his quiet persistence had eaten away at her and she knew that if she was to keep his attention, she must, at least, listen and learn. She hadn't yet let him know that she was badly turned on but her words were full of obvious attraction.

She sighed as she realised that he did not appear online... Tonight, she would have to go without him. She was hoping that he might ask to see her in the flesh soon. Looking at his pictures and talking to him was just not going to be enough. She had included her address in one of her messages to him in the hope he might make a move towards meeting her... he never had. She loved the look of his body... it was hard and strong and beautifully toned. Her mouth watered slightly as she thought of what it would be like to touch...

What!? She awoke instantly, and aware. There was something wrong. What had woken her? She lay, tense and listening intently. The room was dark - but she could sense something... Suddenly, she felt movement on the bed and instantly a hand clasped tightly over her mouth. She stiffened in panic and tried to scream, as a strong arm encircled her waist and clasped her tightly.

"Sshhh, you want this... you know it - and so do I".

'Oh my God!' she thought. 'It's him!'

She suddenly changed demeanour... as though it was a natural thing to do in his presence. She stopped struggling and immediately quietened.

"That's better, you dirty little slut", came the voice. "You know who's in charge here, don't you?"

Adrenalin was coursing through her veins as she nodded her head, almost imperceptibly.

"Not good enough you filthy bitch!" he said. He roughly grasped her hair and pulled her head back hard; at the same time he moved his hand from her mouth and firmly took hold of her throat.

"Now", he said "Tell me who's in charge".

"You are" she mumbled.

"You call me SIR!" he hissed into her ear.

"You are, sir" she immediately complied.

"Better", he whispered. "Now I'm going to turn on the light so I can look at the filthy whore that has been begging for it for weeks... Well, now you're gonna get it..."

She felt his hand leave her throat and then an arm reaching over her. The light came on, so suddenly bright and she held her breath, anticipation leaving her weak. She tried to turn but the hand that grasped her hair forced her face away and she heard him again...

"You do nothing without me allowing it - do you understand?"


"Good, because before you look at me, I am gonna be looking at you... I wanna see the slut that begs to be fucked and tries to hide it behind sweet words and hidden meanings".

'Jesus was I so obvious... ' her mind whispered to her.

She felt his hand leave her hair and movement as he pulled away. She lay still; breathing in short, hard breaths... her body was trembling. She felt his mouth at her ear -

"Lie on your belly', he whispered and licked the soft flesh just behind her ear, near her jaw... She moaned involuntarily and he whispered,

"Yes - I know how much you want it, bitch... you wait til I'm ready. Now lie on your belly! I will NOT tell you twice again!"

Obediently, she turned further to her right and settled herself with her arms at her sides and her face turned away from him. She felt him pull down the rest of the bedclothes that had been covering her legs and then waited...

For what seemed like minutes, he didn't say anything. She lay there, tension rising. Then she felt him sit on the bed behind her and he grabbed both her arms and pulled them behind her.

"Yes, you are beautiful - a beautiful, dirty, little slave girl who needs to be tied up so she can't fight what's coming... What she deserves..."

She gasped as she felt a length of soft rope being dragged around her wrists. His hands felt so strong as he tied and knotted the rope tightly.

She felt him move to the bottom of the bed and then he touched her ankle. She moved involuntarily with delight - his touch was like electricity. She heard the sound of fabric being drawn against skin and realised he was taking off his shirt. The bed moved as he sat and then she felt his fingers at the bottom of her leg. She waited with bated breath as his fingers started to move slowly, softly up the back of her calf... and as he came to the place behind her knee, her pulse quickened and she sighed heavily, releasing the breath she had been holding. She felt so helpless, she was bound but wanted so badly to return his caresses and see his face... He stopped as he came to the bottom of her clothing... lying a few inches below her buttocks, he pulled it down a little lower and asked her -

"Do you want me to touch you? - I know you're horny, you slave bitch... I can smell you".

"Yes please" she replied, and meant it.

Suddenly, he lifted her nightdress and slapped her hard, on her left buttock. OH! She cried out loud with surprise and pain... shocked by his sudden change.

"What was the first rule, slut?!" he challenged, in a raised voice. Her mind was frantic... suddenly, she realised what she had done wrong.

"Yes please, sir!" she quickly reiterated. She felt the smile in his voice as he lowered his voice and said,

"That's better dirty girl - there is punishment for breaking the rules..."

As she caught her breath, she saw him out of the corner of her eye. He looked as though he was undressing. In spite of herself, and her recent punishment, she felt herself moisten and tighten. She wanted so much to see him...

"Turn over", he commanded. Gratefully, and with a growing anticipation, she managed to turn herself over and, for the first time, gazed upon his body.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing... All her previous expectations, born of looking at pictures and seeing his face on video, were swept away as she saw him standing there, naked, looking at her with - was it triumph? Mixed with contempt? - in his eyes... He was nothing less than magnificent. Her eyes struggled to take in the beautiful proportions and hard tone of his lean, muscular body. His skin was the colour of golden sand and his chest covered with a fine, blonde hair that glowed in the light. Her eyes roamed down his body, his firm, toned belly and came to rest on that part of him she had wanted for so long. He was nothing short of beautiful. His cock was larger than average and thick enough that she knew she would do anything to have him inside her. She grew wetter and watched as he turned away to pick up something she couldn't see. His ass was tight and smooth and his thighs were muscular; he looked like an athlete.

When he turned around again, her breath quickened. He was holding a six or seven inch chain with what looked like small clamps on either end. She knew enough of the sexual world to know what the purpose of this was. Her mouth became dry as he moved towards her with that unknowable smile on his face. He placed the chain on the bedside table and pulled her forward and put pillows behind her so she was sitting up.

"Do you like my cock?"

"Oh yes...sir" - she had learned now.

"Do you want it?"

"Yes sir"

"Well, if you want MY cock, you slut, you have to earn it" he said, and ripped open the front of her nightdress in one single motion, as though it were nothing but paper. She gasped and then felt the excitement begin to grow. She DID like it when he was in such control...

He grasped one of her breasts and circled her nipple with his thumb. It hardened instantly and with a smile he bent his head and flicked out his tongue. As it brushed her lightly, she moaned with desire. He bent his head again and sucked on her lightly, running his tongue around and over her aching nipple. Then he bit her - just hard enough to elicit a sharp intake of breath from her mouth. He looked up at her and smiled as he reached for the chain on the table.

"Little slave girls have to get used to pain" he told her.

She watched as he placed one of the clamps over the nipple he had bitten. It bit into her firmly and she gasped with pain and, she realised, delight - in what he was doing to her.

She watched as he gently pulled on the chain, the pain increasing until she gasped and cried out.

"Oh yes", he said. "You are going to enjoy what I have for you..."

He turned toward her other breast and cupped it in his palm. "So beautiful, but just begging for me to hurt it", he said. He looked into her eyes and she realised then that she wanted what he wanted. She wanted to be used, abused and controlled by him... She watched him take the other end of the chain and open the clamp to use on her... She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes in anticipation as she waited for the pain. It did not come... She opened her eyes and saw him looking at her. His face wore an expression of softness and he smiled slightly. He bent to her breast and took as much as he could into his mouth. She sighed with pleasure and watched him licking her all over her breast, sucking gently on her nipple, stroking around it with his tongue. She arched her back with pleasure and whispered,

"Oh yes..."

She felt him release her from his mouth and opened her eyes. He slapped her hard across the face...

"You speak when I allow it!"

Another rule - and more punishment. Her face stung from his hand and she looked down with what she hoped was enough humility to please him. He grabbed her breast roughly and used the other clamp to bite into her nipple, and did it with obvious pleasure. She sucked in her breath and waited for the initial shock to pass. It did - but not by much. Her nipples ached from the clamps and she felt like the dirty girl he said she was... He pulled on the chain between her breasts and was pleased by her reaction of gasping and wincing in obvious pain.

"That's better, slut... You are a dirty bitch and you better get used to it".

She watched in fascination as he began to rip the rest of the torn garment from her body. She felt helpless and, at the same time, strangely powerful. The very fact that he wanted her so totally was a pleasure in itself... He stood up and walked round to the bottom of the bed. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her down the bed until she was no longer sitting up and then looked slowly up and down her naked body. Her hands behind her back were forcing her hips to thrust forward and he stared at her prostrate body and licked his lips.

"Open your legs', he said softly.

She watched his face as he watched her movements. Her legs moved apart slowly - she felt so exposed.

"More", he said.

She turned her face to the side, her modesty being cruelly tested - and spread her legs as far as her position would allow and waited for his reaction to her; she thought she could hear his breathing quicken, and become heavier.

"Look at me", he said.

She turned her face and was greeted by the sight of him, one knee on the bed, stroking his penis slowly and deliberately. It had become swollen and hard and she felt suddenly afraid of him. He looked at her and smiled a slow, sardonic smile.

"You are one filthy, dirty slut", he said. "Look at you lying there, with your legs spread open for me like some common whore!" As he spat these words at her, she saw him working his cock faster and harder. She closed her eyes, and opened them again. The sight of him was amazing... his skin was glistening and his cock had become huge... She looked at his face; his eyes were half closed and his mouth was open, breathing heavily. Slowly, he licked his lips and opened his eyes to see her watching him. He smiled and said,

"This is all going to be for you, my gorgeous little slut. And I mean, ALL of it..." He saw the flicker of dread in her eyes and smiled broadly.

"But not yet", he said, in a softer tone.

"First I want to taste the sweet juice I can see pouring out of your cunt..."

He was right. She knew how wet she was and that she was continuing to become soaked in her own warm fluids. He lent towards her and grasped her thighs in each hand.

"Please - move your knees up" he said, in a tone she had not heard until now... He sounded so tender and gentle. She raised her knees and he pushed a pillow under her buttocks - it took the pressure off her back being on her hands.

"Comfortable?" he asked.

"Yes thank you, sir" she answered. He smiled warmly and she closed her eyes in anticipation as he bent his head toward her aching, swollen lips...

He could feel her thighs quivering between his hands and he bent forward and exhaled his hot breath over her pussy... she moaned and writhed with expectation and he forced her legs wider and used the tip of his tongue to caress the folds of her slick, red and swollen lips. Then he slipped his tongue deep into her and licked her slowly, moving higher until he reached her clitoris. It was so hard and hot and he sucked it gently into his mouth moving his tongue lightly over the top of it...

She cried out and squirmed with delight as his hands held her firm. Her pubic hair was trimmed and short; he laid his lips on her mound and kissed her gently to feel the softness. She was breathing very heavily now and he licked her pussy from bottom to top again. He flicked his tongue around her swollen clit and looked up at her.

"You don't come until I say so, and you are gonna beg for it, you horny piece of filth", he breathed.

She realised that she was becoming increasingly turned on by his surprise switches from gentle lover to sexual tyrant. She never what was coming next and her desire was heightened by his total control over her... she felt used, and loved it. She was being abused, and loved it. He was both lover and captor, and she loved it...

He moved up over her, kissing her, oh so gently, and flicking his tongue out to taste her skin as he ascended her body and came to a stop with his legs between hers and his face staring down into hers. He lowered his head until his lips were almost touching hers and she could feel his breath mingling with hers. She waited and stared into his eyes. Then he touched her lips with his and she melted. He was so soft and inviting. His tongue played around the inside of her lips and then he gently took hold of her lower lip between his teeth. Their eyes met and she knew he was playing with her... Would he hurt her now? He smiled and released her...

"Now things are going to change a little", he said.

He raised himself to his knees and ordered her to turn over. She did so and was instantly surprised by the fact that he was undoing the knots on the ropes around her wrists. She felt instant relief, though, from the pressure in her shoulders. She raised her arms up toward her head to loosen her muscles.

"Good girl", he said. "That's exactly what I wanted" and he leaned forward and kissed her gently behind the ear, sending shivers down her body. At the same time, he grasped both her wrists and held them in one hand and she felt him binding her again. He forced her further up the bed and tied her wrists to the top bar of her bed-head. He grabbed her hair and forced her head back. He kissed her with passion, forcing his mouth down hard onto hers and pushing his tongue into her mouth. He pulled away abruptly and drew back behind her.

"Now, up on your knees", he said menacingly, into her ear. She half pulled herself, half crawled to a kneeling position and waited, her heart racing.

"Spread your legs and get your cheeks up high". She spread her legs about a foot or so and pushed her bottom back towards him.

"Higher!" he spat at her and slapped her right buttock hard. She gasped and moaned, arching her back so she could push herself higher.

"Spread your legs further!" he hissed and slapped her again, harder, on her left cheek this time. She bit her lip and spread her legs as far as she was able and leaned forward into the pillows, the rope biting into her wrists. Her heart pounded and she felt the heat in her bum cheeks seeping into her; she closed her eyes...

He began fondling her bottom; kissing her gently all over it, sliding his fingers all over it with the softest of touches. He slid his finger between her cheeks and gently stroked down over her anus til he reached her wet pussy. He worked his finger between her blood-filled pussy lips and pushed it slowly into her... She moaned and tried to push further back onto him.

"Oh you like that do you?" he said. "Well, okay then." He licked his finger and pushed the tip of slowly into her arse as she gasped and panicked.

"Just relax", he said, "Or it'll just hurt more..."

With her mind racing she tried to do what he asked... the pain was something that she had never felt before... but she knew it was something she wanted to enjoy...
She tried to fully relax and was surprised and shocked to feel the rest of his finger slide slowly into her body. She sighed and pushed backward to let him know it was easier. It was just that barrier at the beginning... she had got past it - she thought... She felt movement inside her and inhaled sharply as he pushed another finger into her arse.

"How's that, bitch?" he said, and thrust deeper inside her. She couldn't help but cry out and earned a hard slap across the buttocks for her trouble.

'No complaining", he said. "It's what you get for being the disgusting little tart you are..."

He thrust his fingers in and out of her arse, getting ever more rough with her until, he suddenly pulled them out and bent his head between her cheeks. She felt the moist tip of his tongue, lick gently across her arsehole and she breathed a heavy, outward sigh... He had felt so good in her - she just didn't know what it was she loved (or hated) about it all. She was in conflict - it felt so good when he was gentle... But, when he controlled her and did whatever he wanted, she felt legitimately controlled and gladly chastened when he chose to abuse her...

He slapped her again across her buttocks and reached over to grab a handful of her hair.

"This is just the beginning", he threatened, in an ominous tone. Her heart skipped a beat and she closed her eyes in anticipation of what might be.

He released her hair and began untying her hands from the top of the bed.

"Sit up", he ordered. She turned, her face red from pain, humiliation and sheer, unadulterated pleasure... She was flushed with desire for him, but immediately sat up and crossed her legs, submissively keeping her face down with no eye contact.

"Look at me", he said. She lifted her face slowly and was met with the vision of his muscular body, grasping his distended cock in one hand. It was so hard and engorged that its tip was almost purple and she saw one pearly bead of pre-cum glistening in the lamplight.

"That's what you do to me, you dirty slut!" She lifted her eyes to meet his face and saw the desire within him. He was trembling from restraint and looking at her with such intensity, she had to look away under his scrutiny.

"Come to me," he said, once more switching to a softer tone of voice. She uncrossed her legs and moved down toward him as he stood at the end of the bed. She kept her eyes lowered as she sat on the edge of the bed in front of him. He lifted her chin gently with one hand and looked deep into her eyes.

"You know what I want", he said gently, and lifted his cock until the tip of it was directly in front of her. She looked down at him and was immediately filled with a desire so great to have him, to hold him, to taste him, that she licked her lips in anticipation.

"You have permission to touch me with your hands", he said and her gratitude was discernible in her soft release of breath. She lifted her hand and grasped him as firmly as she dared. She heard his sharp intake of breath and was gladdened by her effect on him. She leaned in toward his beautiful cock and extended her tongue to lick at his sweetness. She grasped him gently by the hip with her other hand. Her tongue touched the tip of his cock and she moved it slowly around the swollen head, spreading his wetness across it. He moaned and she felt him shudder beneath her touch. She opened her mouth and took him into her mouth, careful with her teeth; his size had been so unexpected...

She looked up at him as she drew him slowly into her hot, damp mouth and saw him standing erect with his head thrown back, breathing so heavily she felt herself grow wetter with the sight and sound of his reactions to her.

"Oh God..." he whispered, and her desire to please him had never been greater. She moved her hand to grasp at his buttock and forced him further into her mouth. She coated his cock with the wetness of her mouth and then reached between his legs to cup his balls. They felt cool to the touch and were tightly lifted against him. He groaned and pushed further forward, forcing her to control her gag reflex. He pushed into her mouth again and held the back of her head. She was almost panicked by the feeling of suffocation but he moved slowly back again and she relaxed. She continued to suck him as far down his length as she could manage and then released him to slowly lick up the underside of his cock with the tip of her tongue, from base to swollen head. She teased him with her quick tongue and sucked him with passion. His breathing grew heavier and he groaned periodically, whispering,

"Yes, yes..."

His body was starting to shudder and he abruptly pulled away from her, panting and covered with a sheen of moisture all over his body. She looked up at him and he smiled;

"My filthy piece of slut trash... Now you get what you deserve..."

  • (Private Profile) - 29 Nov, 10

    Softly you have a real skill there darl. You kept me so fixated on every word. I could almost visualise him. Can't wait for part 2 Softly... BRING IT ON!!!!!


  • (Private Profile) - 01 Dec, 10

    Were you looking in my bedroom window AGAIN!!! Lol .Damn that is well written! I'm going to go have some alone time now ;)


  • ACES - 29 Dec, 10
    Airds, NSW, AU

    Im glad I found this .


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  • (Private Profile) - 15 Jan, 12

    Fantastic work Softly, the narrative and pacing is superb. Keep up the excellent output.


    • softly - 15 Jan, 12
      Ashgrove, QLD, AU

      Thanks Seagoon. I got very horny when I wrote this... that is why it got so long! :D Part two is better.. ;)


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  • softly - 16 Jan, 12
    Ashgrove, QLD, AU

    You need to remind yourself that she likes it, TT. ;) And he knows that.


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