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Hello, I'm possibly here for the same reason you are. Drop me a line, and perhaps photos can be shared.


Hi, I am a married man not looking to ruin any lives or hurt anybody. I love my family but have needs that aren't being met. I know a lot of you will be saying "well change your circumstances" well its not that easy...


easy going, loves a good time, open minded, take life as it comes, but still set goals to achieve in the future


Currently in an unhappy relationship, looking for something to spice things up. I'm a fairly average guy, but I'm sure I know how to surprise.


hi there. thanks for looking up my profile. i am open, honest, open-minded non-judgemental but still have basic standards to keep things ticking. i dont want to lead someone up the garden path - the wrong way. and e...


havin fun,going out and just enjoying life.i have a good job that lets me do what i want and who i want!!!!!!


bld hair blue eyes fit energitic non smoker will send photo if needed am looking for fot ladie any age


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