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Female, 35 years old

Orange, NSW, AU, Australia

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About Me

If you want to know anything ask..
open, upfront and social.
Happy to chat and you can discover for yourself..

I'm a everyday average chick, can be playful and love cheeky people.
I enjoy life and find happy people with a smile so much more appealing.
I personally feel life is too short to be serious all the time' tho agree there's a time and place.

bit of a social butterfly so always looking to meet new people. I am open to experiences and encounters with like-minded people and making new friends.

At times I enjoy joking around, talkin bit of shit and having a laugh.
Other times i can be deep and enjoying engaging with others on deeper level at times too,
and I find the human mind a beautiful thing :).

I have many aspects to myself like most and can be different in my way of thinking at times but we can't all be the same or life would be pretty boring hey.

How I treat a person is completely upto them and what side of my character/ personality people see all depends on what they draw out. SO IF IM RUDE OR DISMISSIVE TOWARDS YOU, I make no apology and maybe you should ask yourself why..!

I am not here to judge anyone and dont like judgemental people, none of us have every aspect of life together to begin with and who Tha Fu*k is anyone to make judgement on another persons life/ choices ect.. We all should live life as we see fit and do what makes us happy, as long as not hurting ourselves or anyone else in the mean time.

Look forward to chatting and meeting with different people on and off here. Thanks for reading my blur.. X

My Kind of Partner

I have been extremely bless to have found the one who makes my heart melt, my soul sing, my body and mind peek constantly.
I am in a happy/ committed relationship with the most amazing man this world has to offer.

Not looking for solo play. We are always keen for a chat, hangout and meet with new people. If something sexy and sexual happens fantastic, but equally awesome if not- pleasure of meeting new people is cool too. No pressure.

I am bi sexual and enjoy the pleasures and am extremely aroused from a females body. I also enjoy watching and am happy to share with the right women.
we seek friendship with females and other couples in and out of the bedroom.
explore boundaries and limitations, while having fun:).
Possibility of group play or swingers scenes, partner swapping for sexual pleasure only.

As a race and for many years it has been true that we humans are a creatures who crave connection/ stimulation, however it can be just as beautifully when shared in a friendship form.

I find open minded, playful, friendly, social, comfortable, enjoyable to be around type people a must for these kinda things.

I like people who are honest with themselves and others, truth doesn't cost and often ends in far more happy endings for all involved :).
I dont have much patience for game players, lies or people who waste my time. Someone who is real, respectful and comfortable with-in their own skin.

Someone who understands the balance of naughty n nice.

A girl or (even better both) with little drama, comfortable and fun to be with..!!
Girl, or other couples on same level, who's like-minded and seeks similar desires"

Guess like us all 'we will know when we find it..

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