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  • For the erotic literates, posting under influence from a certain woman

    Today, 11:35AM - 1 comment.

    i really hope there are a few open minded people still in the world soooo....... Entering your room, I watch for a moment as you dose, a warm glow surrounds you as you squirm and roll over to look...

  • Logan

    Yesterday, 01:43AM - 1 comment.

    I saw it Friday and it's still with me. Just see it.

  • Expresso Martini

    By Ash1968
    26 Feb, 17 - 1 comment.

    Yum but maybe a little potent at 8pm for a non coffee drinker like myself

  • i know a story i wanna tell, i know that i shouldn't but what the hell.

    25 Feb, 17 - 3 comments.

    best stories that shoulda never been told, excuse is we were young and now were old, time to get blushy und tell all its mushy... stories probly wanna start like "well this one time at band camp.....

  • reply to Rebecca's fan club

    21 Feb, 17 - 2 comments.

    Well here I am a very newbie. Prebranded by you long (?????) members. If I had read Rebecca's blog, and the comments by the other members, and the site administrator, I doubt that I would have joi...

  • photo comp

    20 Feb, 17 - 2 comments.

    I think we need to bring back the photo comp. what do you all think

  • Pictures

    By Ash1968
    18 Feb, 17 - 5 comments.

    Most people want discretion, but seriously it is very rude to suggest meeting before you even show what you look like. You must be pretty sure of yourself to expect someone to say hey yeah lets do ...

  • fun

    18 Feb, 17 - 0 comments.

    Is there anyone in adelaide wants to have fun

  • here for a good time not a long time

    17 Feb, 17 - 0 comments.

    Hi I'm looking for a woman for a bit of casual fun. One nighters or friends with benefits is fine to be honest I'm just looking for some female company to help break the monotony of what I consider...

  • State of love: Cupid needs a mechine Gun

    14 Feb, 17 - 1 comment.

    Happy Valentines to all and hope that it has bought if not love but the small thrills that make life cool. On this day lets avoid doing as the Romans did and see the people we love or lust for with...