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  • Camp-site night life

    By rod112
    Updated 04 Aug, 21 - 1 comment.

    It was Friday afternoon and work was done for the week I had been busy all week with work and housework. I decided that I was going to take a drive somewhere new the car was full of fuel my cloths we…

  • New and exciting 1

    By rod112
    Updated 01 Aug, 21 - 3 comments.

    So after what seemed to be an eternity of wating there was a ding on my phone. The message read I'm here what room? I quickli replied room 18. Not long after there was a knock on the door and as…

  • The Orchid.

    Updated 01 Aug, 21 - 0 comments.

    The lissome limbs parted, Revealing a flower so enticing, Entrancing, filled my being. Framed by dark curly moss, The fuzz coated lips. The inner petals crinkled, And Bejeweled with dew. Enclo…

  • Rediscovering

    26 Jul, 21 - 5 comments.

    Not sure about blogs…. But here goes. Being single they say has it advantages and of course disadvantages as well. I’ve just started out on the single life so i’m actually enjoying the freedom of be…

  • Weekly meets

    By Toni93
    19 Jul, 21 - 1 comment.

    Recently single, looking for girl in her 20s for weekly hangouts. Dinners, movies, going for a drive, etc...

  • 22 year old Aussie, very cute

    09 Jul, 21 - 0 comments.

    Dm me for morec

  • Moonlight

    21 Jun, 21 - 0 comments.

    You’re bent over, illuminated only by the light of the moon, surrounded by soft sheets and leaning on cloud-like pillows. Waiting in anticipation. Breathing heavily. Waiting for me to press again…

  • Looking for some fun!! ;)

    26 Mar, 21 - 1 comment.

    I’m new here an searching for some lovely ladies to join in, sounds like fun to me what do you think?? ;)

  • Velvet

    24 Mar, 21 - 1 comment.

    Arching your back with my head between your legs, you laugh to think that only 20 minutes ago we were strangers. Our communication limited to a few “sounding out” messages, some exchanged photos and…

  • New user here...

    By Thumpsu
    12 Mar, 21 - 2 comments.

    Hello everyone... still trying to work out and get around on here.... Happy to chat and meet like minded woman on here for FWB or fun