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  • Stay Safe, Everyone

    Updated 22 Mar, 20 - 7 comments.

    These are incredibly challenging times we're all facing together during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. At FF we strongly support the practice of social isolation to help "flatten the curve", slow…

  • Discreet

    27 Jul, 20 - 0 comments.

    Looking for a nice lady to have some fun with, will be discreet

  • It's hard to find satisfaction these days.

    23 Jul, 20 - 1 comment.

    Is it just me or is it the truth? Is it hard to find some satisfaction these days? I'm low 50's in age, a bit over weight but a normal type of guy. All I'm after is a woman to help me be happy within…

  • The office

    Updated 16 Jul, 20 - 3 comments.

    Waiting for the elevator, I glance your way , my eyes meeting yours as the shock of your beauty quickly erased the morning fog. As the doors open we head to the back like cattle, the COVID social…

  • Free massage to Canberra ladies

    06 Jul, 20 - 0 comments.

    On offer free plus awesome treat as I work. As a chef

  • Couples or females

    05 Jul, 20 - 1 comment.

    Looking for couples or females for to meet and see we're we go

  • Lonely man

    17 Jun, 20 - 1 comment.

    Looking forward to meeting good looking lady for some good times and good sex in the near future

  • Female Massage Fantasy

    02 Jun, 20 - 1 comment.

    A couple of weeks ago you heard about a great me massage shop that has opened up close to you and it had nothing but 5 start reviews. It had a special running for new clients and you thought why not …

  • Room 1406

    28 Apr, 20 - 6 comments.

    The rain continued to fall with urgency, angrily colliding with the ground or anything else it met along the way, including my already sodden head as I scrambled out of the taxi. I rushed past the h…

  • Once this is over.....

    12 Apr, 20 - 17 comments.

    What are your plans once this is all over.... ? For me definitely going to the beach and enjoy the water, sounds and smell. A beer at a pub, a meal in restaurant and see old friends. I will also m…