Online Dating Safety Advice

Ian McNeice

Online dating on the web is generally extremely safe, especially friendly and great fun and is committed to ensuring that it stays that way. It is safe dating because it is distance dating - simple. You do not come into contact with others initially and this may well provide you with a comfort factor that also allows you to pace yourself and be rightly choosey.

If possible though, you should try and follow a few basic online safe dating principles before deciding to pass over personal contact information to a relative stranger or arrange to meet them. It's all too easy to get a little carried away when viewing personal ads so take things slowly and take a rain check every now and again. The tips here may appear obvious to you but we think that if you do try and follow them, it can only assist you in ensuring you have happy online dating experiences. And you never know, Mr. or Miss Right may be just round the corner. We really hope so.

  • Always trust your instinct, after all it has got you this far in life already
  • Take your time and view plenty of personal ads first
  • Do not publish your phone number or email address in personal ads
  • Don't take everything at face value
  • Do ask lots of questions when chatting
  • Ensure you feel comfortable at all times whoever you are chatting with
  • If someone is abusive to you, block them straight away
  • Don't provide your home or work address to anyone you have not met
  • Before agreeing to a date, check that you know as much as possible
  • Don't allow yourself to be talked into anything, whatsoever! You are the one in charge

Also consider the following:

  • Take your time to get to know someone. Don't be rushed
  • A patient person will be happy to wait until you are ready to meet
  • Make sure you see plenty of photos if possible of the person you make friends with
  • Ask your date to leave a message in your voicemail box before hand if possible
  • Chat on the phone for a while before arranging a date, get to know each other
  • Always meet in a public place that is well known and convenient to you
  • Always tell a good friend where you are going, and who you are meeting
  • If possible phone your friend during the date to confirm all is fine

And perhaps consider these points too:

  • Always carry a cellular phone on a date if you have one
  • Lunchtimes are good for dating, convenient, and they have a time limit
  • Always make your own travel arrangements on a date initially
  • Do not accept a lift home on the first date or reveal your address
  • If travelling far, organize your own accommodation and confirm it
  • Ensure you have as much information about your date as possible
  • Keep your first date to a time limit so that you have an "exit" point
  • Don't feel you owe it to someone to meet them, you do not!

When we think of safe dating by sets of rules like this it can all get pretty silly and scary but the fact is that we are introducing ourselves to strangers without the company of friends. It will always be a wise choice to have a friend close by even if they are sitting at a nearby table. But whatever you decide is best for you, keep your wits about you and enjoy our site, and most especially, your date !!