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  • Anybody local?

    By Lync
    14 Dec, 17 - 0 comments.

    Hi everyone. Do we have many people from the tablelands on here? Jyst trying to figure out if this is worth while. Much love everyone.

  • Looking for someone fun with a girl

    Today, 6:03AM - 0 comments.

    Any ladies wanna hook up msg me and I will give u my phone number ????????

  • Looking for some fun

    By Handan
    Today, 1:26AM - 0 comments.

    If your a curious lady looking to experiment with my partner and I please drop us a message :)

  • Looking for hookups girls only

    Yesterday, 07:04AM - 0 comments.

    Looking for some girl near me hit me with a msg plz

  • Looking for fun

    11 Dec, 17 - 0 comments.

    I'll b straight up I'm just looking to fuck atm..

  • Hello

    11 Dec, 17 - 0 comments.

    Any ladies wanna chat

  • In my head, in your head

    By bob1936
    13 Nov, 17 - 3 comments.

    Don't you always wonder what the person you passed on the street was thinking, at the moment you made eye contact and passed on by? Wouldn't it be a fascinating world if people took the time and ri...

  • If u wanna have a night to remember pickme

    By Urz2nte
    10 Nov, 17 - 3 comments.

    Come on ladies im waiting for u . Come say hi dont be shy ask anything l shall answer u wen available. Thanku mwa

  • New kid in town

    By Ryno781
    08 Nov, 17 - 0 comments.

    Well its a first for me but ive got no expectations.. having said that im throbbing down south and hoping for some clean healthy satisfying fun with tha ladies!!!

  • Are you here Fling?

    By INIGO33
    Updated 05 Nov, 17 - 8 comments.

    To be honest, Im surprised this site went up so quickly and there is so many people here willing to help! I served with Fling in the Australian Army many years ago. As these things happen, I lost...