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  • In my head, in your head

    By bob1936
    13 Nov, 17 - 3 comments.

    Don't you always wonder what the person you passed on the street was thinking, at the moment you made eye contact and passed on by? Wouldn't it be a fascinating world if people took the time and ri...

  • If u wanna have a night to remember pickme

    By Urz2nte
    10 Nov, 17 - 3 comments.

    Come on ladies im waiting for u . Come say hi dont be shy ask anything l shall answer u wen available. Thanku mwa

  • New kid in town

    By Ryno781
    08 Nov, 17 - 0 comments.

    Well its a first for me but ive got no expectations.. having said that im throbbing down south and hoping for some clean healthy satisfying fun with tha ladies!!!

  • Are you here Fling?

    By INIGO33
    Updated 05 Nov, 17 - 8 comments.

    To be honest, Im surprised this site went up so quickly and there is so many people here willing to help! I served with Fling in the Australian Army many years ago. As these things happen, I lost...

  • Waste of Time?

    Updated 31 Oct, 17 - 13 comments.

    Has anyone actually been successful in actually meeting up with someone on this site? Me and my partner have been on here for quite awhile now and so far have just been jerked around by a few peopl...

  • Autocorrect - Yes or No?

    29 Oct, 17 - 5 comments.

    I've gone with "No", figuring that a lot of members would use shorthand and txt-speak, so autocorrect would be annoying. But what do you guys think?

  • Toowoomba, looking for company

    24 Oct, 17 - 0 comments.

    Hey, if you are local and easy going get in contact with me...happy to meet people...

  • Single on the river

    08 Oct, 17 - 0 comments.

    hello beautiful, hope this little message finds you happy, hopeful and keen for some fun. I am looking for a positive minded girl who would like to go on little weekend adventures to places within ...

  • Frustrations and impatience

    Updated 26 Sep, 17 - 4 comments.

    Hi everyone, me and my partner are only new to this scene and atm are just trial members until we see if this site is really for us and if we can actually connect with anyone on here, we are a conf...

  • Newcastle tomorrow

    By G1ver
    08 Sep, 17 - 0 comments.

    Hi All... I'll be in the Newcastle area tomorrow. Anyone that might be interested in a bit of fun get in touch