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  • Are you from Perth, WA? We're seeking F

    Updated 07 Mar, 17 - 0 comments.

    Please if you're from Perth, add me as a friend! My partner and I want to have kinky fun with another woman.

  • Need friends.

    07 Mar, 17 - 1 comment.

    I can't upgrade because I'm poor, so as a result, I can't message anyone. My partner and I are really eager to find chicks to hook up with so if someone could tell me how to contact people, please ...

  • bored

    06 Mar, 17 - 2 comments.

    Any women out there that would at least be interested in chatting with me

  • i know a story i wanna tell, i know that i shouldn't but what the hell.

    Updated 25 Feb, 17 - 4 comments.

    best stories that shoulda never been told, excuse is we were young and now were old, time to get blushy und tell all its mushy... stories probly wanna start like "well this one time at band camp.....

  • Catching a lot of scammers lately! Help us squash them.

    Updated 23 Feb, 17 - 10 comments.

    For some reason there's been a huge wave of attempted scammer signups lately. We have several ways to detect and delete these, but if you get someone instantly trying to pull you away to another si...

  • photo comp

    20 Feb, 17 - 9 comments.

    I think we need to bring back the photo comp. what do you all think

  • fun

    18 Feb, 17 - 0 comments.

    Is there anyone in adelaide wants to have fun

  • here for a good time not a long time

    17 Feb, 17 - 0 comments.

    Hi I'm looking for a woman for a bit of casual fun. One nighters or friends with benefits is fine to be honest I'm just looking for some female company to help break the monotony of what I consider...

  • Forsomefun

    03 Feb, 17 - 1 comment.

    Hey ladies im new to the site would anyone like to help me figure this out and maybe have a bit of fun on the way?

  • Curious...

    By Kel999
    29 Jan, 17 - 0 comments.

    I often have glances from women whilst I'm out and about and often think would you randomly go and fuck someone just to get off?.... I've had little fantasies of sneaking off in a department store...