my poetry, well 1 of em

21 Jul, 08 - 0 Comments.

here goes its my first blog anywhere. its called "spinning wheel"

its close yet to far for me to know,

i touch it yet i feel my sences slow,

oh, how i wish my love for you youd know,

oh how i dream you'd love me to we'd grow.

I am a child honesty is mine,

when i'm a man i fool the world with rhyme.

mine is yours to close the choice i breath a sy fool mself my voice

i cheat death its my quiet test i breath, yet i live, life contempt

in truth its real spinning wheel to fast to leave yet.

i wrote this while i was in rehab some years ago, i wrote many there dont remember all that many of them, but every time i fall in love i pick up the pen and thay write themselves.

and guess what im writing again aint love a great thing.

well i guess ive bored anyone who'd bother reading this enough, i just hope i ve got it right and it actually ends up in the blogs, anyway catch you all in the chat rooms soon. bye

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