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Discerning the Chat Room Gender Gap

Sometimes it seems that men and women speak two entirely different languages, and nowhere is this more evident than in adult chat rooms. When all we have are words and we cannot see the body language of the person we are chatting with, it is difficult to understand what they truly mean sometimes. What follows are some helpful insights to give you a sense of what he or she really means when you are chatting online.

He Said, She Said

Men try to differentiate themselves in their communications, while women attempt to find points of similarity. This is a major communication difference that needs to be acknowledged. When you are in a chat room, you will find that men are attempting to distinguish themselves by trying to rank higher than the other men in the room. They wish to make themselves appear unique or more alluring to you. Alternately, when women communicate in chat rooms, they are looking for areas where they can identify and relate to the shared traits and feelings they have with you and others.

Men are less emotional in their communications than women. They tend to go with more straightforward and rational ideas in their choice of chat words, whereas women display a broad range of emotions and subtle variations of them. It is important that men and women accept these alternate points of view so that they do not place unreasonable demands on the communications of the opposite sex when engaging in adult chat.

Another key communication difference is that men tend to make direct statements and seek agreement, while women ask questions and try to find grounds for compromise and accord. This is often the reason why women and men have such difficulty understanding each other. When a man makes a statement, he likes to have agreement or be told the reasons why that is not possible. When a woman responds to his statement, she sometimes hedges her feelings to avoid conflict and seek accord. This can spell trouble when you’re relying solely on language to convey your feelings.

Improving Chat Room Communications

The first way to help deal with the communication gender gap when enjoying free adult chat rooms is to accept that men and women communicate differently. A little tolerance goes a long way in chat with a potential partner. Another helpful tool is learning to play by a set of rules that you can both live with. If you learn the rules that govern male and female conversation, you can better respect their voices and points of view.

By accepting and tolerating the differences, you can both find your common ties. It is wiser to expect the man or woman you are chatting with to communicate in the traditionally masculine or feminine ways and that way you will not be disappointed if he or she is not saying the words you want to hear.

A great general rule of to guide you through the strange waters of adult chat rooms is to be accepting, open and honest in your communications. By being crystal clear and stating how you really feel, you are opening the door to closing the gender gap in your online chat room encounters.