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Male, 20 years old

Geelong, VIC, AU, Australia

About Me

Hi I have a lot of love to give for the right people. I'm very open minded and accepting. I'm fine with something casual or serious. I'm friendly and caring and like to please.

My Kind of Partner

Ideally more assertive and dominant but I'm flexible. If you're open minded like I am and happy to explore then I'm content.

Favourite Movies

Besides Star Wars, my favourites include Fallen Angels (1995), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Apartment, Wall-E, No Country For Old Men and Videodrome.

Favourite Music

I love 80s alt rock, 60s pop, punk and jazz.

Favourite TV Shows

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Firefly, Arrested Development, Batman Animated Series

Favourite Books

Crime and Punishment (plus a lot of other Dostoevsky) and The Hobbit.

Favourite Food

Too tough to pick. I love a good kebab tho.

Favourite Sports

Footy (North Melbourne), MLB (Red Sox), NFL (Patriots), NBA (Celtics) and NHL (Bruins).

Favourite Hobbies, Games

Hiking, playing music, chess, video games and camping.