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Male, 43 years old

Nundah, QLD, AU, Australia

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About Me

I'm a single 42 year old guy in Nundah looking for fun, but I'm open to possibilities. I like long, hot intense sessions. I really get off on getting off the person/people I'm with. I'm extremely open minded and non judgemental. 5'10", 90kg, average build. 7", thick and cut.

My Kind of Partner

Fun, open minded, adventurous.

Favourite Movies

Logan, Deadpool 1&2, Inception, Clerks 2

Favourite Music

Most music, very eclectic taste.

Favourite TV Shows

More into podcasts than tv

Favourite Books

1984, animal farm, American Sniper, Identity Crisis, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***, Everything is F***Ed.

Favourite Food


Favourite Sports

Motogp, actually any motorcycle sports.

Favourite Hobbies, Games

Engineering, motorcycles

Favourite Podcasts

The Joe Rogan Experience. Dialogues: Jordan B Peterson. Modern Wisdom. Pretty Intense. John Anderson. Under the Skin.