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  • rollin sharp

    07 Oct, 16 - 1 comment.

    Life is chance so gramble when ya cam.

  • Gippsland Meet

    By YourMan
    04 Oct, 16 - 0 comments.

    Looking for ladies to meet and have some sexual fun, pride myself on my oral skills.

  • Meet n chat

    04 Oct, 16 - 1 comment.

    Looking to meet someon in Melbourne or Adelaide or in between to catch up with wen ever we can

  • Take a chance

    28 Sep, 16 - 1 comment.

    Ok anyone from the southwest of WA.I have sent so many flirts and messages out in the past two weeks.I have tryed every angle possible but still not one response?There is even many potential people...

  • How I see it

    27 Sep, 16 - 1 comment.

    This is the first time I have been on a dating,casual sex site!I could try to be all hardcore sexy like these sites seem to encourage! Personally I feel the best sexual adventures will develop from...

  • Adelaide swingers

    By Jo1201
    23 Sep, 16 - 1 comment.

    Very interested I have some nice girlfriends in my life and we would like to know how do we get into the swingers scene here. We will consider our options

  • Professional man looking to ......

    By Jo1201
    23 Sep, 16 - 0 comments.

    Looking for the naughty side of life... Been stuck in an office way too long. I am only a Virginia to this site and ladies come and corrupt me

  • First blog - The Start

    21 Sep, 16 - 0 comments.

    This is my first blog post. I have been looking for a FWB for a few weeks now and have not got anywhere because I chose the wrong sites. One is so dull and straight they wouldn't let me put FWB or ...

  • jack3990

    19 Sep, 16 - 1 comment.

    Hi I am in Bathurst. If you are coming to Town for the big race happy for a casual encounter or two

  • By Jack3990

    16 Sep, 16 - 0 comments.

    Hi I am in Bathurst NSW looking for casual male to male sex